Detailed information and photos about Omani princess  Emily Ruete and her works  will be published on this website in June 2017.

Emily was a daughter of Said bin Sultan, Sultan of Oman and Zanzibar. She was the first Arab woman to write an autobiography and with many interesting details about her life in an Omani palace. Emily married a German and lived many years in Germany.  In her works she also compared how it is to live as a woman in the West and the East during the 19th century.

May 2017 a long article about Emily Ruete and her works will be published in the annual of the Dutch Bibliophile Society (Jaarboek van het  Nederlands genootschap van Bibliofielen 2016). This article will include many illustrations of different early editions of her "Memoiren 1886" / "Memoirs 1888"

Emily's work has been republished many times in recent decades and in several languages.

Oscar Wilde read her memoirs and wrote: “The story of her life is as instructive as history and as fascinating as fiction" 

Memoiren einer Arabischen prinzessin 1886

Memoiren einer Arabischen prinzessin 1886 

Memoiren einer Arabischen prinzessin 1886




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