1776 Niebuhr Reize naar Arabia Antique book about Oman Includes first map of Muscat Oman

1776 Niebuhr Reize naar Arabia (incl townplan Muscat)
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Reize naar Arabie en andere omliggende landen (and) Beschrijving van Arabie, uit eigene waarnemingen en in 't land zelf verzamelde narigten uit het hoogduits vertaald .

Author / Publisher:  Carsten Niebuhr / S.J. Baalde ; J. van Schoonhoven  1776 en vermeerderd 2 delen.

Book details:

Rare book. In 1761, at the invitation of Frederick V, King of Denmark, Carsten Niebuhr (1733-1815) joined a Danish government-sponsored scientific expedition to explore the Arabian Peninsula, known as Arabia Felix. The five other members, who would die all during the expedition, were Peter Forrskal, a Swedish naturalist, Christian Kramer, a Danish physician and zoologist, George Baurenfeind, a German artist, Friedrich von Haven, a Danish linguist, and a former Swedish military man named Berggren. They disguised as Muslims, sailed on a ship carrying pilgrims to the Arabian port of Jidda. Niebuhr's account of his journey in Arabia and the Persian Gulf provided Europeans with the first comprehensive descriptions of the region; his map of Yemen was the first to detail scientifically and in detail that portion of the Arabian Peninsula Reize in Arabie: Content: VIII p;3 leaves;484 p;1 leave; 7 leaves; 455 p. includes 2 engraved frontispieces;124 (many folded) engravings, maps and plans including a large map of Yemen Includes the first accurate map of Yemen. Half leather.

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