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Traditional antique Omani silver Khanjar dagger

Omani Khanjar

Common antique Omani khanjar with four silver rings. Black leather with woven silver wire.

Rhino handle and plain silver silver fitting. Some filigree work. The belt is very narrow: (2,5 cm) and woven from silver thread / wire  and with geometrical patterns. This khanjar has four silver rings.

The buckle is very small and cast from a shell (i.e. it is a genuine old one) The old blade affected by rust.

The third photo in the slide show illustrates a later example of this type of khanjar being given by / to Colonel Watson of the Trucial Oman Scouts, operating in Oman and the Emirates during the 1950's This photo is part of our collection.

Antique Omani khanjar

Antique Omani khanjar

Trucial Oman Scouts Khanjar

Omani khanjar's have always been welcome presents for expatiates

This photo in our collection from the 1950's shows a khanjar being given to a British member (Colonel Watson?) of the Trucial Oman Levies / Scouts,  taken in the later United Arab Emirates. As you can see on the photo the cap badge of the Trucial Oman Scouts featured crossed khanjars.

The Trucial Oman Levies  were the internal security force formed with British army officers in 1951 and renamed Trucial Oman Scouts in 1956.

Arab name: Omani Khanjar

Period: 1890-1950

Origin: Oman

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