HvWO 069

A pair of Antique Omani silver "Sur anklet" Scarce piece of Omani jewelry.

Antique Oman silver Sur anklet

A scarce pair of "Sur anklets" You can see that these are smaller and narrower than the "Nizwa anklets" Also the designs are very different Also the fastening pin is connected to the anklet.

Rare to find good examples of this Omani silver jewelry.   Hinged with chased and pierced decoration.  Rose and curled leaf pattern. According to Carter these are one of the few pieces that sometimes have a silver-mark ( 50/9 and NBRWT or Th)? Total Weight 440 grams. Size outside 10 cm

Antique Omani silver Anklet

Arab names: Mutal / Antal (Carter) / Heyoul

Period: 1900-1960

Origin: Oman  Sur and the Sharqiyah region. according to Carter they are from the Sharqiyah area of Oman ref 3 page 113

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  9. Wereld Museum Rotterdam has a similar set of anklets. h 5,5 x l 10,3 x br 8,6 x d 2,3 cm gewicht: 431 gr. Ex collection Smith / Hutschenruyter. Inventory 77047. De asymmetrische versiering op de voorkant door het weglaten van versiering aan een zijde is eigen voor dit type enkelband uit Sur, maar is bijzonder wanneer vergeleken met andere etnische sieraden.
  10. Volkerenkudig Museum Leiden Inventory 5715-2329 Poor description. These anklets are not made by Jewish silversmiths.