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Antique Omani silver "round anklet" (very rare and very old Omani jewelry)

Rare antique Omani silver anklets named Mutal

Extremely Rare antique pair of old  "round Anklets",  that can also be opened on the front.  The front half has a beautiful arabesque design, often associated with Nizwa. However the shape is more associated with Sur (see previous anklets)

 Extremely rare type. Note that the inside is also rounded. Round Omani anklets with a flat inside also exist.

The British Museum has a very similar set from Zanzibar (but half the weight) Collected by Harold Ingrams in the 1920´s and donated by his daughter Leila Ingrams.  Harold Ingrams was the author of an important book on Zanzibar. In the slide-show you can see that this very old anklet also has a fine emblem on the backside! Total weight 220 grams. Diameter outside 8,5cm.


Antique Omani silver anklet

Antique Omani silver anklet


Arab name: Mutal


Origin: Omani from the town of Nizwa/Sur or Zanzibar  This set of bracelets was purchased in Nizwa.

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  3. British Museum Harold  Ingrams collection See on-line collection number 2012, 6030.4a-b purchased in Zanzibar in the 1920´s. Combined weight 109 grams, height 3 cm  diameter 7,5 cm