Single antique Omani silver "Baluchi" anklet (very old Omani jewelry )

Antique Omani silver anklet, Baluchi design

Rare finely decorated Omani Baluchi anklet must be treated with caution, as these anklets seem to have been more widely worn , principally along the Batinah coast rather than in the interior , but by both Arab and Baluchi women.

 Note old pieces have a sharp outer edge. Baluchi  Anklet (one only) Very fine and sharp designs. This item was bought from an antique dealer nick-named "the cat man" (see slide-show) in the Muttrah souq. He was nick-named as such because he fed dozens of street cats around his shop. The "cat-men" used to have in the past  occasionally very old Baluchi anklets of high quality.  Measures: inside 7 cm outside 13 cm. Weight: 250 gram

Antique Omani silver anklet

 antique Omani silver anklet

Arab names: Hajul / Hagul


Origin:  Oman: Batinah region (designs suggest  Baluchi influence) or Zanzibar. Carter ref 3 page 113  thought it may originate form Zanzibar.

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  4. British Museum on-line collection number 2009,6023.107-108 Weight 237 and 222 grams Dated as 1950's, but in my view older. Pair of silver crescent-shaped anklets (hajul); tubular and hollow with intricate floral stamped and chased decoration. Small stones inside the hollow anklets rattle with the movement of the wearer. The ends of the anklets (near the open gap) include small fish motifs which appear as the eyes on stylised snakes' heads believed to ward off the evil eye