Pair of very large antique Omani silver "Baluchi anklets" Rare Omani jewelry.

Antique Omani silver Baluchi anklets

Baluchi  Anklets (pair) Very large. On one side with heart and spade symbols.  Rare pair of large antique Omani Baluchi anklets .

The name Baluchi anklets (Hajul or Hagul) must be treated with caution, as these anklets seem to have been more widely worn , principally along the Batinah coast rather than in the interior , but by both Arab and Baluchi women. However their origin seems to be that they were worn by Baluchi women when dancing. They often contain pieces of gravel which rattle when the wearer moves. The sides are often beautifully engraved with floral and geometric patterns. Carter suggests possible Zanzibar origin. Total Weight 720 grams. Measures: diameter 16 cm outside

Antique Omani silver ankletAntique Omani silver anklet

Antique Omani silver anklet

Arab names: Hajul / Hagul


Origin:  Oman Batinah (Baluchi influence) or Zanzibar. Carter ref 2 page 113 thought it may originate from Zanzibar

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