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Antique Omani silver necklace named Manjad

Antique silver neckalace named Manjad. .

Scarce Dhofar Manjad. With heart and spade symbols. The Manjad was not strictly a necklace, but another distinctively Dhofari piece. This item was worn over one shoulder across the body and under the opposite arm. There were two kinds of Manjad:

a) Made of parallel simple silver chains to which were soldered at intervals flat shapes such as diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs (chain in our collection)

b) Continuous length of broad Dera chain. A short example of this chain is found in the Face-Hair section see the "Dhofari headscarf weight"

 86 cm long.  Weight 80 grams

Antique Omani necklace


Arab name: Manjad

Period: 1900-1950

Origin: Oman Dhofar

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