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Antique Omani silver Lozenge shaped centerpiece

Lozenge shaped centerpiece


Very rare antique Omani silver lozenge shaped centrepiece. The shape and stripe  in the middle looks like an abstract "evil eye" protection talisman. Extremely rare. In the book Oman & its renaissance p 74 you can see a young girl from Ibra wearing such a rare ornament.




Antique Omani silver hanger


Photo below from around 1890: Note the centrepiece hanging from the chain of the woman.

 Omani silver amulet

Arab name: Shok (Thorns referring to the points of the hanger)

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman: Ibra or Sinaw. Lozenge shaped hangers were also worn by Omani women in Zanzibar and the Comoro islands.

  1. Oman Adorned by  Pauline Shelton  Robert Richmond / Apex London 1997 p 88 and 89
  2. Oman and its Renaissance  by Sir Donald Hawley Stacey International London 1987 page 74 Photo left shows a girl wearing a very similar amulet.