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Antique Omani silver triangular pendent

silver triangular pendent


Rare Omani silver Triangular Loh  pendent. Sometimes called a poor-woman´s Hirz. This is a flat Hirz. Difficult to find with such fine detailed silver-work. Nice inlay-work and covered in gild.  The silver "eye"  on the top is nearly worn through. Weight 50 grams. 8,5 cm wide.



 Omani silver pendent

Arab Names: Loh Muthallith Called Hirz by the Bedouin in central Oman / Luh Muthalith

Period: Arab Name

Origin: Oman Bahla

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  6. Britiish Museum has a similar amulet reg. 2009,6023.222 Length: 15 centimetres (pendant with danglers) Width: 15.5 centimetres (pendant) Weight 125 gram incl necklace. Silver necklace with a flat triangular pendant (muthallith), stamped with circles and a central tear-drop motif and elements of the design are picked out with gold leaf decoration. Eight hoops are soldered to the base of the triangle from which 14 danglers in the shape of oblong crescents hang from chains. These types of oblong crescents are sometimes identified as stylised 'Hands of Fatima'. The danglers are held together with a cord. This type of triangular necklace has been associated with the city of Bahla in northern Oman