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Antique Omani wooden (measure) bowl

Antique Omani wooden Measure


Scarce antique wooden bowl / measure. According to Richardson ref 1 it is a measure. Made of palm-wood or rosewood?  Measures 10 cm high and 11 cm diameter with a very thick bottom.


Omani measure bowlOmani measure bowl

Omani wooden Measure bowl

Arab Name: Mikyal

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Northern Oman Purchased in Nizwa

  1. Craft heritage of Oman Neil Richardson & Maria Dorr Volume 2 page 170 illustration. 170 (in fact not a bowl but a measure)
  2. A tribute to Oman National day Volume X "Muscat and its custom houses" Robert Richmond. Apex page 80
  3. British Museum on-line collection number 2010,6003.8 Height 12,7 cm 20th century "Wrongly dated in my view. Our example is slightly different in that it does not have brass handles and the walls of the bowl are thicker in ours" Wooden measuring-cup (mikyal) made from a carved and turned piece of wood. With a thick solid base and decorated with multiple rows of lines turned around the exterior. One brass loop is fastened to the side for suspension. Also used as a bowl