HvWO 162

Antique Omani leather storage bag / box / basket for storing small jewelry, made of leather and woven palm leaves. Typically used for storing silver rings.

Antique Omani jewelry leather box for storing jewelry made of leather


Small antique Omani leather storage bag / basket for storing jewellery (e.g. rings) Made of goat-leather and inside finely woven with desert-palm fibre and with brass hinges.  These small boxes are very rare (made for town  people (Hadr)? )  The very large ones are common and used by Bedu. Size 13,5 by 22 cm.

 Antique Omani leather Box

Antique Omani leather box

Antique Omani leather box

Arab name: Daraj (mini size)


Origin: Oman interior. Hadr  / Bedouin. Purchased in Nizwa.

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