HvWO 036

Antique Omani large silver ornament used to fasten plaits with young girls

Silver Halka hair ornament


Very rare large high quality Omani large HALKA / HALQA. Used to fasten plaits with young girls.  With fine detailed floral designs, the heart in the middle has been heightened with gold. This is a a very old Halka. The modern Halka´s are smaller and crudely made. Weight 135 grams. Length without the chains and bells is 11,5 cm.

 Antique Omani silver hair ornament


Arab names: HALKA / HALQA

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman (The heart shape suggests Rustaq)  Zanzibar

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  7. British Museum similar item but with very crude decoration (so more modern) 1950's.  Length: 15.5 centimetres (incl. danglers) Width: 8 centimetres (widest part) Weight: 102 grammes Museum Reg: As1999,01.24