Masked lady from Muscat 1901-1910

Masked Muscat lady Postcard by Fernandez


Coloured posctcard dating from between 1901 and 1910 with the title "Arab woman from Muscat"

The photo has been taken by A.R. Fernandez, who produced most of the early postcards of Oman. 




 Antique postcard woman Muscat Oman

Antique postcard woman Muscat Oman


Postcard details

Arab woman Muscat by Fernandez.  Colored postcard.  Printed in Germany.  These cards are very rare.  The same photo was also used years later in an article in the New-York Times in 1916 (see below)

  1.  New York Times mid week pictorial March 9 1916 "Masked and Jeweled women of war-girt Arabia"
  2. The postcard was also used as book cover for the book: "Oman, Culture and Diplomacy" by Jones, Jeremy; Ridout, Nicholas Edinburgh University Press, 2012
  3. The traditional Women´s Dress of Oman by Julia m. Stehlin-Alzadjali, Centr eof Omani dress 2010 page 65
  4. Oman's national dress for women (special supplement)  in Times of Oman in association The Zubair cooperation 17 November 2015