1896 Vom Mittelmeer zum Persischen Golf. Vol 1 & vol 2

Vom Mittelmeer zum Persischen Golf.


Rare book by Max Freiherr von Oppenheim with the title "Vom Mittelmeer zum Persischen Golf"  published in in two volumes by Dietrich Reimer 1896. Contains an important section on his visit to Muscat. Oppenheim was archeologist, adventurer and a important spy-master for the Germans.Vom Mittelmeer zum Persischen Golf

 Max Freiherr von Oppenheim

Vom Mittelmeer zum Persischen Golf

Description: Extremely rare and important book on Oman and Arabia by the spy(!) / archaeologist Max von Oppenheim. One part incomplete and in poor condition. Overall a poor incomplete copy of a very rare, important and valuable work on Arabia. Includes some photos of Khanjars and a description of the working of a Abu Fatillah (antique Omani musket/gun)