Three rare early postcards of Muscat and one of Omani Bedouin (1900-1910)

Three early postcards of Muscat and one of Omani Bedouin

Four early postcards of Muscat and one of Omani Bedouin:

a) Photo of outskirts of Muscat (real photo) by TLC?

b) Interior view of Muscat (French) by A.R. Fernandez

c) Bait Faransa. French Consulate Muscat by A.R. Fernandez

d) Oman Bedouins by A.R. Fernandez, printed in Great Britain 

See the photo slide-show for the four different postcard images.

Antique postcard Muscat

Photo outskirts of Muscat around 1900

Antique postcard bedouins Oman

Antique postcard Bedouins Oman

Antique postcard Muscat Oman

Antique postcard Muscat Oman, seen from the interior


Antique postcard  French consulate Muscat (Bait Faransa)


Postcard details

The postcard of Bait Faranza is also interesting, this was the old French consulate. See Ref 2 page 72: "Bait Faransa is located between al Bab al Kabir and the site of the old souq. According to Ian Skeet, who lived in the house in the late 19860´s, it was built sometime during the period 1820-1840 by Ghaliyah bint Salim bin Sultan. Her father was an elder brother of the famous Said bin Sultan, who ruled Oman as well as Zanzibar from 1807 to 1856. In 1896 the house was given by the Sutan Sayyid Faysal bin Turki, to the French Consul Paul Ottavi fro use as his consulate"

In 1992  Bait Faransa became the Franco Omani Museum.

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