Large photo panorama of Zanzibar 1896 or earlier

Large photo panorama of zanzibar town

Large panorama of Zanzibar town taken from the sea 1896 or earlier (taken before the bombardment, panorama over 1 meter long) Extremely rare to find such a large panorama before the bombardment.

Contains some initials (JE?) in pencil on the green boards. Text on the boards in German. See the sideshow for the full panorama. 

Antique photo panorama Zanzibar

Left part of the large panorama

Antique photo panorama Zanzibar

Right-hand part of Panorama  (German, American and British Consulates)

Panorama details

Spectacular panorama of the seafront in Zanzibar. Length 107cm by 20 cm cm consisting of 4 parts laid down on green paper.

  • On the left Arab merchant houses in the beach, the old Royal palace, the current Royal Palace with Harem and the House of Wonders (with the lighthouse positioned before it)
  • In the middle the customs area
  • On the right the German consultate, The American consulate and the British consulate.
  1.  The same large panorama is also found in The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960: Reise Erinnerungen Album 73 photo 1  Panorama of Zanzibar, a superb panorama of the Zanzibar waterfront showing dhows, the Sultan’s Palace and the British Consulate. July 1 1894. Also in Album 6 object 44
  2. Oman faces and places page 52
  3. The Zanzibar House of Wonders Museum, Abdul Sherif , KIT publishers
  4. Rijksmuseum Online collection RP-F-F00999-DD Lists Coutinho Brothers as the photographers, but they were possibly the resellers of the photo. Also date is wrong. Photo is 100% certain from before the bombardment as the Clock-tower is stand-alone.