Masked and Jeweled women of war-girt Arabia 1916

Masked women Arabia New York Times 1916


Four  photos of masked ladies in an article with the title "Masked and Jeweled women of war-girt Arabia" in the New York Times of 1916.

In fact they used for the article the photos from older postcards of masked Muscat ladies produced by A.R. Fernandez. The titles below the photos also differ from those of Fernandez!  Also no reference to Fernandez in the article.  



Antique Omani Burqa


Antique Omani Burqa


Antique Omani Burqa



Antique Omani Burqa



Details of New York Times 1916 article

Four photos of masked Muscat women published  in March 9 1916 in  The New York Times mid-week pictorial. The texts below the pictures in the American magazine are:

  • Behind the bars! Every women in Muscat is her own jailer- for modesty┬┤s sake
  • With rings on her fingers and bells on her wrists - an Arab girl of Muscat
  • Masked, jeweled , and embroidered  - women of Koweit in the Northern part of Arabia (???) (comment: She wears Antal anklets)
  • With armlets and anklets of gold - a Seedeboy girl of the Persian Gulf. Comment:  Seedeboy is anglo-indian slang for an African (e.g. used by Kipling) Note she is also wearing antal.anklets.

Note: Three of the pictures are taken from "A.R. Fernandes" postcards that were used in Muscat approx ten years earlier. The titles in the American magazine do not match the postcard titles... Suspect the fourth lady is also copied from a postcard we have not found yet.

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