HvWO 038II

Antique Omani silver Triangle Earring Hangings

Antique Omani silver Triangle Earring


Very Omani Triangle Earring Hangings. (Kharam or Sils).See Ref 1 and Ref 2 for an identical pair. Very rare . Very fine craftsmanship. Length 13 cm. Weight 105 grams. The thin " coins" with their strange design are very unusual, however two of the reference works have identical sets. Design of the "coins" possibly influenced by ancient Byzantine coins?


Antique Omani silver earrings 

Arab name: Kharam

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman Sur or Jaalan  Zanzibar

  1. Disappearing treasures of Oman Avelyn Forster figure 45 on Page 56 (identical set of earrings) rare reference for these earrings
  2. Traditional silver jewelry and handicrafts from Oman 2009 by Jean Greffioz p 39 (same design of the strange pendants)