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Antique Omani face mask with silver chains and hooks to keep an (indigo died) Burqa in position (very old piece)

Antique Omani silver mask made of indigo cloth with heavy silver chains

Very Rare complete Bedouin face mask made of Indigo cloth (see Ref 11) and fitted with antique silver chains and clasps to hold the mask in place at four points.

On April 30 1848 the famous traveller Ida Pfeiffer visited Muscat and mentioned in her book: " The Muscati women wear a sort of mask in blue fabric held by iron hooks or wire , which does not touch their faces" The "iron" she mentions is obviously silver. The item includes two silver hooks. 

Max Freiherr von Oppenheim (ref 7 Band 2 page 327) writes: " Die manner gehen alle bewaffnet, die frauen tragen die schon in Lingah vorkommende schwarze Maske mit Stickereien in Rot, Blau, Gold oder Silber. Beliebt sind blaue, auch rote Manteltucher" Masks are worn by girls/women from puberty onwards. Weight 240 grams


Antique Omani MaskAntique Omani Burqa

Omani Burqa indigo coloured

Arab name: Burqa silver chains; Burcu

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Central and Northern Oman.

The growing of indigo plants and the production of indigo still took place in Oman 40 years ago (see Ref 11)

Youtube slide-show of the Sinaw market in Oman:



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