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Omani silver Mask Embroidered with silver disks

Omani silver Mask Embroidered with silver disks

Omani women´s Burqa (style called Saif Malik) embroidered with silver filament and decorated with silver sequins. The silk strings are not complete.

Bibi Salme is shown in a photo wearing this type of mask in the 1860´s. Masks are worn by girls/women from puberty onwards. Length 33 cm Height 10 cm. See British Museum on-line collection for similar item. Max Freiherr von Oppenheim (ref 6 Band 2 page 327) writes: " Die manner gehen alle bewaffnet, die frauen tragen die schon in Lingah vorkommende schwarze Maske mit Stickereien in Rot, Blau, Gold oder Silber. Beliebt sind blaue, auch rote Manteltucher"

Antique Omani Burqa

Photo below from around 1900: Both Zanzibar girls wearing a Saif Malik Burqa mask.

Omani Burqa

Arab Name: Saif Malik

Period: 1850-1920

Origin: Worn by women in Oman and Zanzibar

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