HvWO 151I

Omani Persian style lock and key 17th century

Persian style lock 17th century


Very rare fine (expensive) steel lock and key (maybe Persian). Some geometric ornamentations and tiny remainders of brass or gold inlays. Probably Persian Safavid. This is probably the predecessor of the Omani Mandoos lock or an Omani door lock.

Sir Richard Burton who lived in Zanzibar for some time wrote in the book Zanzibar City Island and Coast 1872 "the bigger the gateway, the heavier the padlock and the huger the iron studs which nail the door of heavy timber the greater is the owner´s dignity

Antique Omani lock

17th century Persian steel lock

Arab Name: Persian style lock 17th century

Period: 17th century

Origin: Maybe dating back to the Persian occupation of Oman. Purchased in Nizwa


  1. Locks from Iran pre-Islamic to Twentieth Century Parviz Tanavoli and John Wertime 1976 Page 106 lock no. 202 (Identical to this one! )
  2.  Max von Oppenheim in his book vom Mittelmeer zum Perzischen Golf band II illustration with locks from Baghdad after page 250, similar but not identical
  3. Oman and its Renaissance  by Sir Donald Hawley Stacey International London 1987 page 149  photo with similar item