HvWO 059IV

Pair antique Omani silver Bossed Bracelets named banagiri muschawwaka Scarce Oamni jewelry.

Heavy Antique Omani silver Bracelet

Scarce bossed bracelets (constructed from 3 bracelets) very heavy. Matching pair. These bracelets were typically worn by married women or girls form the age of fourteen savings. Heavy set of silver bracelets, rare to find. 11 cm High, Diameter 7 cm.  Total weight 750 grams.


Wangemann (ref 8 page 11)  describes in 1890 the jewellery offered  the (fruit) market in Zanzibar town including large bracelets made of flat silver decorated with large points according to the Arab taste.

The sharp points of the bracelets below have been worn off, over time. 

Antique Omani silver bracelets

Arab names: Banagiri bu nujum (bracelets with hemispheres) / Banagiri mefolic (young girl with round breasts) / Benagiri Mushawwaka / Bangari Mushawak

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman Sharqiyah

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