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Omani silver incense burner and tong

Omani silver incense burner

Scarce Omani silver incense burner.  Formerly in constant use but nowadays only used for ceremonial purposes.  A silver tong has been connected to the chain which is used to handle  the glowing coals when burning incense.

Incense may be gum from the Frankincense tree or it maybe  a sweet-smelling  wood such as the eastern Indian aloe-tree or a composite perfumed substance called dukhan meaning smoke.  This aromatic resin was in great demand in the ancient world (including Greeks and Romans)  for religious ceremonies and burial rites and the most important place where best-quality frankincense grew was and is southern Oman. However the role of Oman as an exporter of incense stopped when it was discovered how to produce cheap incense synthetically (chemically) Traditionally in Oman

After coffee has been served rosewater is sprinkled over the hands and sometimes over the heads of guests. Then incense is carried around, and its smoke is wafted into the beard and over the body. In the harem the women often put the burner under their clothing so that the aroma pervades the whole body for some time. Incense is the sign for departure as the Omani proverb shows: After the incense, there is no sitting on"

Antique Omani silver Incenseburner


Arab Names: Majmar (the silver tong is named Muhbash)

Period: 1900-1950

Origin: Oman Nizwa


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Below you find a Youtube film on Omani incense and its history: