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Antique Omani silver earrings Rare complete piece of Omani jewelry.

Antique Omani silver Nisa earrings Rare complete piece of Omani jewelry

Very Rare complete set of antique Nisa earrings. These ear-rings consist of a long tapering tube with thin silver wire coiled around it.  This example consists of  two bundles of medium size Dufuf earrings with a total of 10?

 earrings. Complete set with original support-strap made of rope and in fine quality.   Without the support strap the ears could not cope with the heavy weight. The loops may still be hooked through the ear. They were owned by the wealthiest of women. C.S.D Cole wrote in 1847: "The women who do not cover their faces  and are not at all good looking, generally wear a profusion of silver ornaments , - the ears in particular, which are perforated in numerous places , being completely studded with large rings: the weight  is supported by a cord passed through through the whole and tied over the head.He is probably referring to the Dufuf / Nisa earrings.  Weight 550 grams

Antique Omani silver earrings

Arab names: Dufuf / Nisa (the ear-ring support strap is called Mishil)

Period: 1800-1900 

Origin: Oman: Bedouin Women of the hadr (town) part of the tribe


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Below you UAE Youtube film discussing a similar set of Omani silver earrings: