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Antique Omani silver necklace

Shibgat necklace

Common Shibgat necklace, including three tier chain. Necklace with rigid horizontal bars. Decorated with gold-leaf and fake-coral (glass beads) On the diamond  shaped elements often depict Hanuman the hero monkey from the Hindu mythology. Total weight 145 grams. Silver with gold leaf over stamped floral designs.

Arab name: Shubqah / Shibgat

Period: 1900-1950 (central bead older)

Origin: Central Oman (Indian influence given the monkey picture designs? )This necklace is only worn by the Bedouin women in central Oman.

We do not know the origin of the "fake coral" glass beads, however we do know that already in 1879 traders in Jeddah imported glass and glass coral beads from Austria and Venice for the equivalent of 10.000 Maria Theresa thalers (but we are not sure these European beads found there way to Oman (ref 8  page 169))

 Antique Omani silver necklace

antique omani silver necklace  

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