1825 Fraser Narrative Of A Journey Into Khorasan . Plus manuscript letters by James Baillie Fraser about Sultan (Imaum) of Oman and another one about a fellow traveller (Mr. Rich), who died in Shiraz. The book is according to the letter a presentation cop

Journey Into Khorasan

Rare book. Presentation copy of Narrative Of A Journey Into Khorasan in The Years 1821 and 1822. Including Some Account Of The Countries To The North-East Of Persia; With Remarks Upon The National Character, Government, And Resources Of That Kingdom

Plus a very  important manuscript  letter by Fraser  sewn in the book addressed to the widow of Mr Rich and her father  Sir James Mackintosh. The death of Mr C.J. Rich when Fraser visited Shiraz is described in the Chapter titled "Letter IV" page 237-242. Mrs Rich would later publish years later herself two books based on the writings of her husband.

 The book also includes a loosely inserted letter describing a visit to the Sultan in Muscat and that he made a portrait of the Sultan (Said bin Sultan of Oman), discussed below as a separate item.

Author / Publisher :James Baillie Fraser / Longman Hurst Rees Orme Brown Green 1825

  James Baillie Fraser Letter


James Baillie Fraser Letter


Book details:

Rare book and with a unique manuscript letter by Fraser, concerning events during his journey,  bound in. First edition.

Contents: 4to, xv, 623 (624 is a blank),148 pp. Large paper copy. Large engraved folding map, errata slip.  Contemporary leather binding with on the front and back covers the gilt stamp of the " society of the writers of the signet" The fore-edge is finely marbled in different colours. An excellent copy.

Fraser's travel books are all informative and useful. - Ghani. Fraser, a traveler and man of letters, accompanied Dr Jukes on his mission to Persia, reaching Tehran on 29th November and afterwards, 27th December, set out in Persian costume with the intention of traveling through Khorasan to Central Asia. The first part of the narrative deals with Fraser's voyage up the Persian Gulf and the latter, and most considerable part, is occupied by the journey from Tehran to Mushed, and thence to Astrabad, visiting areas where no Europeans have been before. This vivid account includes accurate descriptions of the countries and the inhabitants.

Contains an original handwritten letter by James Baillie Fraser  on "Japanese paper" watermarked 1824. Addressed to Mary Rich regarding the death of her Husband during his travel to Baghdad (described in the book) . With integral address leaf (Mrs Rich , Sir James Mackintosh's, Lower Cadgogan Place, Sloane street) endorsed by the recipient. Presenting a copy of his first work to Mrs Rich. James Baillie Fraser (1783-1856) travelled in Persia and Kurdistan  in 1821-1822  and in 1825 published his first major work "narrative of a journey into Khorasan" This letter presents a copy of that book to mrs Rich , whose husband C.J. Rich had died in Baghdad  whilst Fraser's journey was being made, and asks for "a sincere & true critical opinion of Sir James Mackintosh (her father) and stresses that he only desires "a general notice which I am sure you can give me in small compass

So the book was presented to Mrs Rich.

James Fraser and his brother William (1784-1835) were well known in their own day but have more recently become famous as patrons of Indian artists: the spectacular drawings and  paintings which they commissioned were rediscovered in modern times and dispersed at auction in 1980 for extremely high prices. )


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