Said Bin Sultan (1791-1856) Ruler of Oman and Zanzibar. His place in History of Arabia and East Africa by Rudolph Said-Ruete 1929

1929 biography Said Bin Sultan


Rare biography of Said Bin Sultan written by his grandson Rudolph Said Ruete (son of Bibi Salme). He was the sultan of Oman and Zanzibar. The book was published by Alexander Ousely limited London 1929.

Contents xviii 200 pp; half-title, frontispiece portrait, 5 b/w plates hors text, 1 folding map, contemporary green cloth, title gilt on spine & upper cover, Said bin Sultan name gilt in Arabic on upper cover, foreword by Major-General Sir Percy Cox, "Genealogical table of members of the Al Bu Said dynasty" RARE FIRST EDITION

On the front-cover we see the Tughra of Said Bin Sultan. On the back of a letter and the wax seals of an original letter of Said Bin Sultan on our website we find the same Tughra.

Said Bin Sultan 1929Said bin Sultan 1929

Said bin Sultan portraitSaid Bin Sultan Rudolph Said Ruete

Description: Rare book on Sayyid Said bin Sultan Al-Said (Arabic: سعيد بن سلطان‎, Sa’id bin Ṣultān) (5 June 1797 - October 19, 1856) was Sultan of Muscat and Oman from November 20, 1804 to June 4, 1856. He became joint ruler of the country along with his brother Salim on the death of his father, Sultan bin Ahmad, in 1804. Said deposed his brother as joint-ruler on September 14, 1806. In 1837, he asked for the assistance of Shaikh Isa Bin Tarif in conquering the town of Mombasa in Kenya in 1837 with his tribe Utub Al Bin Ali[1]. Fort Jesus in Mombasa was named after Shaikh Isa Bin Tarif after he conquered the fort. The translation of Jesus in Arabic is Isa, hence in Arabic it is called the Fort of Isa. In 1840 Said bin Sultan moved his capital from Muscat, Oman, to Stone Town, Zanzibar.Upon Said's death in 1856, his third son Thuwaini bin Said became Sultan of Muscat and Oman, while his sixth son Sayyid Majid bin Said became Sultan of Zanzibar. In 1840, he sent a ship to the United States in an attempt to establish a trading relationship.

The author was the son of Princess Salma ( 1844 - 1924) daughter of Sayyid Saiid Ibn Sultan, ruler of Oman and Zanzibar. The Princess married Friedrich Ruete, a clerk in the German embassy , and lived fifty two years as a widow in Germany. Here her son Rudolph produced this interesting survey, of his grandfather Said bin Sultan 1791 - 1856, life and times. This work is as important as Mauriz's work "History of Seyd Said" [ London 1819]  Sayyid Said or Said ibn Sultan, 1791?-1856, ruler of Oman and Zanzibar.


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