HvWO 104II

Antique Omani silver necklace from Dhofari Necklace (old piece of Omani silver jewelry)

Antique Omani silver necklace from Dhofari Named Malketeh

Scarce Dhofari Necklace (in this quality) Less elaborate as the Manthura necklace. The example in our collection seems to have more detail design features than normal and also it is made of higher quality silver rather than the usual cheap alloy.  In the market you find simpler modern / recent copies. This is a genuine old piece with lots of dents and fine details.  The original old ones (with finer workmanship)  are uncommon. Note that the beads are all hammered and not cast. Weight  600 grams.


Omani silver necklace


Arab names: Malketeh (in Dhoar sometimes also called a Manthura necklace)

Period: 1900-1950

Origin: Oman Dhofar desert areas

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