HvWO 157IV

Another brass Omani Baluchi pots for Henna and Jewelry in a slightly different style

Jewelry pot with flower design

Scarce brass Omani Baluchi pot decorated with flowers  for halwa Henna or Jewelry made of punched and beaten brass. The detailed floral decorations on these pots are similar to those found on the brass-work of early 19th century  Omani Shirazzi style wooden chests. Compare also with the (very worn) round box made of copper and brass in the Ingrams collection in the British Museum that was purchased in Oman / Zanzibar. The floral pot has an acanthus scroll on its rim, also found on some Omani doors.


Antique Omani brass

Antique Omani brass

Antique Omani brass Henna pot

Arab Name: Makabah Jewelry / Henna box

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman Baluchi or Persia. Purchased in Nizwa.


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