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Antique Omani painted Rosewood jar (shape of a Chinese pot)

Antique Omani painted Rosewood jar

Very rare wooden jar in the shape of a classical 18th century Chinese vase. Made from yellow rosewood.

Striped decoration originally red yellow and green bands similar to antique Mandus supports (used in Oman) that may originate from the Omani colony Gujarat.  Height 10 cm.

However coloured wood utensils were also made and used in Oman and neighbouring countries. Omani chests when used for weddings were also sometimes painted bright red. Ref 2 discusses several coloured wooden objects collected by the famous Arabist Snouck Hurgronje in Mecca.


 Antique Omani wooden jar

  Omani wooden jarGujarat wooden jar


Name: Antique Omani painted rosewood jar (in the shape of a Chinese jar)

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman or Gujarat (Gujarat was a previous colony of Oman)


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