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Omani antique Kattara sword dating from the 16th or 17th century

Omani Kattara sword over three hundred years old

Very rare complete antique Omani broad sword in black leather with with silver fittings. See Elgood. Size including scabbard 156 cm.  The scabbard (the sheath holding the blade) with 2 very old heavy silver fittings and matching rings. The thick silver rings are very old (almost worn through)

This type of sword could very well be the half-broadsword described by Padtbrugge in 1672 when he visits Muscat. "the blade is broad and straight with a round end, and has the shape of a broad-sword. It is rather heavy and not flexible" See ref 4.  It is extremely rare to find this type of sword with it s scabbard.

In the Al Ain museum there is an example of this type of sword were the hilt has been decorated in silver, but not sure if this is original (given the limited wear) See end of the slide-show for a  photo of that sword.

These swords very often have Portuguese / European  blades and date from the 17th century when the Omani were fighting the Portuguese.

Antique Omani sword


Antique Omani sword

Arab Name: Kattara

Period: 16th - 17th century.

Origin: The blade is possibly Portuguese ( there seems to be a vague stamp with a human figure)

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