"The Bazaar Gate Muscat" Oman Al Bab al Shagir / Bab al Saghir

Bazaar Gate Muscat Postcard


Photo with title "Bazaar Gate Muscat" by Verlag gebr. Israel Hamburg / Weltpostverein (issued between 1900-1910)

Extremely rare postcard!  One of the best known postcards of Muscat, the image is e.g.  used on coffee mugs in souvenir shops or as a jig-saw  etc.  However an original card like this one is extremely rare.  Has London postage stamp Feb. 1910.

Antique Postcard Muscat Gate


Details of Muscat town-gates

On the earlier aerial photo we have seen that muscat is protected by a wall from cliff to cliff and fortified with towers.  The wall has three gates that were shut every evening three hours after sundown. The closing of the gates was announced by drum beats from fort Mirani. Anyone who wanted  to walk in the city after closure had to carry a lamp. The closing of the gates during dark continued until 1970, when Sultan Qaboos took over from his father. Size 8,5 by 13,5 cm

  1. Historical Muscat An illustrated Guide and Gazetteer by J.E. Peterson published by Brill Leiden 2007  photo 102 (situation (1966)
  2. Muscat Gate Museum memoirs of History page 86-87 contains a town plan showing the location of the Bab-al-Saghir gate and its proximity to the  Muscat souq. For a photo of the Muscat souq around 1900 see page 25 and 26 top photo. 
  3. Throw down the anchor The story of the Muttrah souq by Maxine Burden, centre for Omani dress, Muscat Media Group 2014 page 296-298 contains information on the Muscat souq