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Antique Omani silver Makhnak necklace (high quality old piece)

Antique Omani silver Makhnak necklace

Rare high quality antique Makhnak necklace (pearl of the Neck) 45 cm long.  Weight 255 grams. The central golden bead is made of resin or wood and covered with gold leaf.

Antique Omani silver necklace

 Omani silver necklace

Arab names: Makhnak  (choker ) / lu'lu'a al-raqba (pearl of the neck)

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman (Usually worn by women from Ad Dakhiliyah and Adh Dhahirah (interior and western Oman)

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  4. The Wereld Museum in Rotterdam has a similar necklace. h 24 x br 13 x d 3,2 cm Gewicht: 193 gr. Inventory 77068. Ex collection Smith / Hutschenruyter. De grote centrale kraal is altijd gemaakt van goud of van messing (nooit van zilver), en de gekleurde kralen eromheen waren gemaakt van hout, glas en kraal. De middelste kraal van deze ketting is gemaakt van was waaromheen bladgoud is gelegd. Zie: Forster, Avelyn ; Disappearing treasures of Oman ; Clevedon, Archway Books ; 1998 ; p. 42. Volgens Morris is de middelste kraal, die lu'lu (parel), al-busra (onrijpe dadel) of joza al-halq (Adam's appel) wordt genoemd, gemaakt van geneden hout of hars.
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  7. British Museum has a similar item 2009,6023.188 Length: 41.5 centimetres (end-to-end)Weight: 185 grammes. Silver choker necklace (makhnaq, 'choker', or lu'lu'a al-raqba, 'pearl of the neck') with a large central gold bead. The bead is made of a thin sheet of gold that is filled with resin in order to keep its shape. The ovoid bead is decorated with a raised central band decorated with a zig-zag pattern (originally lozenge shaped but reduced to a zig-zag pattern due to wear) and it is flanked by two smaller gilded beads with a similar raised pattern. The central bead is sometimes referred to as a lu'lu'a (pearl) or in Rustaq as al-busra (unripe date) The golden beads are flanked by shiny red resin beads and are threaded through a straight silver rod ending in twisted loops. Two elaborately worked wide, flat silver chains made from an intricate triangular pattern of silver balls and braided strands of silver wire, are hooked from the loops. An inverted heart-shaped clasp is linked to each end of the chains. The cord used to tie the choker around the neck is missing. Usually worn by women from Ad Dakhiliyah and Adh Dhahirah (interior and western Oman).