Antique silver Omani necklace (3 strings!) Very old piece of Omani silver jewelry.

Silver Manthura Necklace Oman

Very Rare complete antique Omani Manthura necklace with three central strings. A favourite and costly piece of Bedouin women in central Oman, however very few Bedouin ladies did actually own one. The necklace is is constructed from spheres, circles, cones, pyramids and cylinder shapes.  Very rare to find even over 30 years ago and often pieces would be missing. In recent years modern copies are sold in the Muttrah souq.....  Weight 1200 grams!


Omani silver necklace

Arab names: Manthura  / Manthurah

Period: around 1900

Origin: Oman Rustaq  (worn by women in Northern Oman and the Bedouin women of the Wahiba)

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