HvWO 022

Omani Jar Glazed with indigo-blue design

Jar Glazed with indigo-blue dot design


Very rare jar Glazed with indigo-blue design (connected blue dots) This type of design could be from Oman but also  found in China and in Persia, however inner glazing suggests Persia. Height 7 cm.

A flat smooth base.


antique Omani pottery

 Antique Omani pottery

Antique Omani pottery

Antique Omani pottery 

Name: Jar Glazed with indigo-blue dot design

Period: 1500-1700

Origin: Most Probably Omani or maybe Persian or Chinese. Purchased in Muttrah souq during the 1980´s.

  1. Julfar an Arabian port Its settlement and far eastern ceramic trade from the 14th -18th century by John Hansman  published in 1985 by the Royal Asiatic Society  is  useful in identifying the shards  in the ruins of these ancient ports. Color plate 1 (Celadon from China and Thailand) Color-plate II Chinese monochrome (blue) , Color plate III glass and later porcelain.
  2. British Museum website search for "Kilwa shards"