A single Omani silver "Zanzibar Antal Anklet " (Very large, heavy, old and rare Omani jewelry)

Antique Oman Omani silver Anklet

Very rare antique single large and heavy "Zanzibar anklet" came to Europe  from East Africa before  the first World-war but most probably was made in Oman. 

A very large (very heavy) silver anklet made in Jaalan or maybe Zanzibar. Weight over 700 gram for a single anklet (!). Consequently a single anklet of this type weighs as much as a pair of normal size antal!

 There are some possible stamps markings inside that could indicate the silversmith. The inside is rounded and the outside has a rounded decorated "panel"  This flattish side was worn on the inside towards the other leg.The anklet is opened half way the panel and fastened with a large silver pin .

antique Omani silver anklet

Antique Omani silver anklet

possible silver mark?

Arab names: Natal / Mutal /  Antal (Carter)/ Hijil / Menagiri

Period: 1850-1916
Origin:  maybe Zanzibar / most likely Oman ( In the Catalog of the Oman exhibition in the Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam 2009 it is suggested that these large size anklets may have been made in India and exported to Oman and Zanzibar (no proof given)) This is also very unlikely as the designs of these very large anklets (in most cases) are the same as for the common antal. Ref 5 by Athman page 14 fig 2 on Swahili  woodcarving designs shows identical designs as on our anklet!  Stuhlmann in "Handwerk und industrie in Ostafrika 1910" (ref 3) mentions that fine silver-work (e.g. filigree) found in Zanzibar was in fact made in Oman and that only a small amount of silver was fabricated in Zanzibar itself.
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