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Omani pottery. Cooking-pot with round bottom

Omani pottery. Cookingpot with round bottom



Common Omani pottery. Cooking-pot with round bottom and geometric decoration in the neck. According to the British museum it is used for making yoghurt. Height 18 cm.

Jar; made of pottery; round jar, tapering in to vertical neck; twisted fibre cord wrapped around neck and looped over top for handle;  

 Antique Omani pottery


Arab name: "Omani pottery. Cooking-pot with round bottom"

Period 1850-1950

Origin: Probably made in the town of Mahyah in Northern Oman. Purchased in the Nizwa souq early 1980´s.

  1. Craft heritage of Oman Neil Richardson & Maria Dorr Part two p 502  illustration 433, 428 431  (modern pottery)
  2. British Museum has a similar example in their on-line collection number  As2001, 12.4 Height: 14 centimetres Diameter: 14 centimetres