HvWO 026

Omani bowl (age unknown)

Red slip with Mitica bowl

Bowl. Red-brown  slip + black core + burnished +fingernail decoration. Lots of mitica (metal coloured shining particles) in the red slip. Geometrical designs using finger-nail and knife. Round base.  Height 16 cm Diameter 20 cm

The origin and dating of the bowl purchased in Nizwa is unclear:

  • Similarities with pottery from Dhofar but the clay material seems to be different.
  • Similarities with archaeological sherds in Samad area with black core and mica particles in the red slip. The geometric patterns have been made by impressing a human nail in the wet clay.
  • Similarities with pottery from Africa including the black core but not the many mica shiny particles .

If anyone knows more about the background of this pot, let me know!

Antique Omani pottery

Antique Omani potteryAntique Omani pottery

Round bottom possibly burned dark by cooking on open fire???

Name: " Ancient? bowl "

Period: Could be 19th century could also very well be Archaeological

Origin: Oman Purchased at Nizwa souq early 1980´s.  ( Have seen pots with some similarities from East Africa)  The red-slip pottery from Dhofar in Oman also has similarities. However can also be archaeological (see sherds from Samad and Lisq) , in particular given the many mica particles in the red slib and the black core.

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  2. Tropenmuseum Amsterdam Inventory TM-4468-4 East Africa Bagamoyo / Zanzibar slightly similar jar 22,5 cm diameter and height 12 cm.