HvWO 068II

A pair of antique Omani silver "Nizwa anklets "

Two Omani antal Nizwa anklets with pierced flower design in front.

A common pair of  "Nizwa anklets" with very fine pierced design in front.  The inside is rounded and the outside has a rounded decorated "panel" This flattish side was worn on the inside towards the other leg.

The anklet is opened half way the panel and fastened with a large silver pin . Total weight 770 grams. Measures: inside 6 cm outside 11 cm.

Omani silver anklet Nizwa


Arab names: Natal / Mutal  / Antal (Carter)

Period: 1900-1970

Origin:  Oman Nizwa. (Carter in His Tribes of Oman shows a similar set made by Abdullah bin Badr al Manthary known as the Master of Sulayf)

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