HvWO 082II

Omani silver Halka earrings /mask hooks

Hooks for earrings/masks


Two very rare Omani antique silver hooks. Top quality silver-work! Weight 30 grams. Each hook 10 cm long. These decorated hooks probably have been used to keep a mask (Burqa) in position rather than to support the heavy earrings.



On April 30 1848 the famous female traveller Ida Pfeiffer visited Muscat and mentioned in her book: " The Muscati women wear a sort of mask in blue fabric held by iron hooks or wire , which does not touch their faces" The "iron" she mentions is obviously silver

 Antique Omani silver Burqa 

Antique Omani mask


Arab names: Part of a Mishel or Burqa (to support heavy earrings to to keep a mask into position)

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman


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