HvWO 098

Two very rare antique Omani Silver hanger / mini bowls for mixing cosmetics e.g. antimony (very old)

Silver hanger/ mini bowls for mixing cosmetics

Two very rare Silver hanger/ mini bowls for mixing cosmetics in "bulk" (see Carter Ref 1) Each bowl with an inlaid stone. These mini bowls are typically worn on a necklace.    The combination of the stone in the middle and the shape of bowl also gives an "evil eye" protection  design. Length 4,5 and 5 cm

Antique Omani silver

Omani antique silver bowl for mixing antimony

 Omani antique silver bowl for fixing antimony
Antique Omani silver makeup mixing bowl

Arab Name: Two antique Omani Silver hanger/ mini bowls for mixing cosmetics

Period: 1850-1900

Origin: Oman

  1. Tribes in Oman 1982 JRL Carter p 24 see illustration
  2. Ruth Hawley Silver the traditional Art of Oman (2000 edition) p 25
  3. British Museum on-line collection number 2009,6023.221 length 4,5 cm (pendant) Height: 2 centimetres (pendant) Silver necklace with a bowl-shaped pendant. The rim of the pendant is decorated on the exterior with borders of beaded wire, twisted wire and hearts made from twisted wire. A small round piece of green glass is set in the centre of the bowl on its exterior. The pendant is suspended from a silver loop-in-loop chain. Cotton thread has been tightly wound on the end of the chain to prevent it from unfastening and again five centimetres below the end, to shorten it. This seems to indicate that the necklace was once worn by a child.