HvWO 106II

Antique Omani silver open narrow Bracelet with bosses, favored by the Bedu

One open narrow antique Omani Dhofar Bracelet with bosses

One open narrow C-shaped bracelet with bosses. They are of a kind favored by the Bedu. Larger ones are built up by soldering two or three of these bracelets together  (see Carter ref 2 page 113) Scarce  (but I have seen Indian fakes in the Muttrah souq the last time we visited Oman) 6,5 cm long 1,9 cm high  weight 25 grams


Arab name: Mekaddebid

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman: Dhahirah region according to Carter

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  6. British Museum on-line collection number 2009,6023.39-40 Weight 40 grams 6.1 cm wide 2,4 cm high  Pair of narrow silver C-shaped bracelets (banjiri bu shawkah / banagiri mushawwaka, literally 'spiked bracelet') with a row of spiked bosses punctuated by vertical rows of four small round bosses. Made from sheet silver which was heated and hammered into a mould (die-stamped) The rims of the bracelets are decorated with rows of rope-like patterns made from wire-work. Worn in pairs by girls. From northern Oman