Antique Omani silver anklet or bracelet. Vvery rare and very old Omani jewelry.

Antique Omani silver anklet

Very rare single unusual Omani anklet or bracelet with two bosses. Made of high quality thin silver.  The opening mechanism differs from other Omani anklets with only a portion of the anklet that can open (maybe a bracelet)

Weight 70 grams. Diameter inside 5 cm and outside 9 cm.

The slide-show contains an 1847  photo by Guillain (part of the collection of Musee du Quai Branly in Paris  ) showing the niece of the governor of Zanzibar wearing a similar bracelet on her right arm and on the left arm a  spiked bracelet. 


Similar bracelet  on arm of Zanzibar child


Name: "Antique Omani silver anklet or bracelet from Dhofar"


Origin: Oman Dhofar? or Zanzibar


  1. Guillain Voyage a la cote orientale d´Afrique execute pendant les annees 1846, 1847, 1848. Sous le commandement  de M. Guillain capitage de fregate. Publie par ordre du gouvernement.