HvWO 049II

Antique Omani silver Koran box (Arabesque design)

Antique Omani Koran box named Hirz

Common Omani silver Nizwa Hirz (with driven floral design size rectangular)

The box is sometimes filled with a Koran text and or a resin to prevent it from denting. Weight 38 grams. Length 6 cm. 


Antique Omani silver Koran Box


Arab Name: Hirz   (meaning amulet box)

Period: 1850-1950

Origin: Oman Nizwa

  1. Oman Adorned by Pauline Shelton  Robert Richmond / Apex London 1997 p 90 - 97
  2. A tribute to Oman The Sultanates Yearbook: 1993/1994 "Magical designs" Robert Richmond. Apex Ruwi page 49
  3. British museum has a similar item in their on-line collection number 2009,6023.229 weight 68 grams length  5.4 cm; Height: 3.5 centimetres (Hirz pendant) Width: 5.4 centimetres. 1950's   Amuletic necklace featuring a small silver rectangular hirz (Qur'an case) pendant hanging from a simple silver chain. The hirz case does not have danglers attached and is, therefore, sometimes referred to as a 'khatma' (literally recital of the Qur'an) to differentiate it from a hirz. It bears 'Nizwa-style' stamped decoration of two curving vine tendrils surrounded by a border of circles and hatched lines. The case is sealed shut. Northern Oman, probably Nizwa
  4. Traditional silver jewelry and handicrafts from Oman by Jean Greffioz 2009 (privately published) page 50 fig 4.8 has photo with a similar item.