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Two Antique brass oil-lamps

Antique oil-lamps


Oil lamp. The wear (see top of the eye) and the patina in the bottom of the lamp suggests significant age.  Similar lamps in the Ingram collection of the British museum, that were collected in Zanzibar. These antique lamps were wrought, so not cast! 


Arab Name: Antique brass oil-lamps

Period: 1750-1900

Origin: Zanzibar, Oman, Persia or India?  Purchased in Oman in  the Rustaq souq.

Antique Omani lampAntique Omani brass lamp

Antique Omani brass lamp

 Antique Omani lamp, purchased in Rustaq souq



  1. Carter Tribes in Oman p 112 (oil lamp on the Omani chest)
  2. British Museum Harold Ingrams collection 2014,2011.85  Height: 43.5 centimetres (chain extended) Width: 9.6 centimetres Depth: 9.6 centimetres This collection was made by the donor’s father, Harold Ingrams OBE CMG, who was appointed Assistant District Commissioner to Zanzibar in 1919, and who went on to serve as Private Secretary both to the British Resident and to the Sultan of Zanzibar until he left in 1927