Antique Omani silver koran box with amulets / Charms

Antique Omani Koran box named Hirz and amulets

Common Rustaq Hirz with Rose motive in the middle combined with geometrical designs. Very fine inlay-work.

On the back of the box the name of the owner has been soldered with silver wire. With chain and attached half-moon silver appliqués. The chain has several silver Thalers, and silver mounted coral branches plus some silver beads with  charms (including  glass stoppers)

The box is sometimes filled with a Koran text and or a resin to prevent it from denting.

Antique Omani silver koran boxOmani silver koranbox

Back of the Koran box with text in silver, which is highly unusual!

Arab Name: (Bedouin) Marriya / Hirz  (meaning amulet box)

Period: 1900-1950

Origin: The diamond shaped on-lays are typical of the Sharqiah area ref 1 page 96.

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