Stonelaying Zanzibar around 1880 Omani British officials


Zanzibar Stonelaying next to Darjhani creek around 1880 (a mystery location) probably next to the Anglican church located on the old slave-market.We can see Darjhani creek including a small boat in the background.

Several Omani and British officials are also on the previous photo!

  1. This photo comes from the estate of the American consul in Zanzibar Seth Pratt. He went back to New York USA in 1891 with the ship Wheatland
  2. Seth A. Pratt , "Clove Culture in Zanzibar" US Department of State Reports of the consuls of the United States 32 Nr 112-115 (Jan-Apr. 1890) p 687-688 

Antiique photo Zanzibar stonelaying

Detail of the photo below. Omani and English officials are present

 Antique photo Zanzibar Stonelaying