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Antique Baluchi silver ornaments (including magic table) for a belt

Antique Baluchi silver ornaments for a belt

Very rare antique Baluchi silver ornaments for a belt. Consists of:

a)  A medallion with beautifully engraved Koranic texts

b) A medallion with two abstract humans and a magic table

c) Three Koran-boxes with beautifully engraved  Koranic texts.

    Although the representation of the human form is generally forbidden in Islam , the pre-Islamic tradition survived in the making of a variety of amulets. Overall very fine silver-work.
    Antique Omani silver belt

Name: Antique Baluchi silver ornaments for a belt

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman Baluchi  (purchased in Nizwa with a piece of very old worn leather behind it (remains of an ancient belt)

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