HvWO 168

Very large Omani copper cooking vessel / pot. The top edge with very fine abstract flower designs

Very large Omani cooking pot


Very rare large Omani copper cooking pot. The top edge / rim with very fine flower designs, reminding of the decoration on ceilings in old castes and houses in Oman. This vessel is unusual in that the sides are rounded  instead of straight.

 Very rare to find such a vessel that is ornamented, the decoration is also Omani. There is also some text in Arabic engraved on the rim, probably the name of a previous owner. Diameter 45 cm and 30 cm high. All cooking utensils made of copper would have been tinned originally.



Antique Omani copper

 Antique Omani copper pot

Arab Name: Very large Omani cooking pot / vessel . The top edge with very fine flower designs. A very  old piece.

Period: 1800-1900

Origin: Oman


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